Are you looking for the best travel agency in Dubai? If yes! then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the best travel agency in Dubai. There are many more places to explore in Dubai. If you do not want to miss anything, then you must choose a good travel agency that will provide you with proper guidance. So that you can enjoy your Dubai tour in your limited period and cover all. Let us search Best Travel Agency in Dubai with the following tips.

Tips before visiting Dubai

Here we will discuss the tips that you need to know before going to Dubai and to make the Best Dubai Holiday Packages.

 Best time to visit Dubai

The best time to travel to Dubai is from November to March when the weather is somewhat pleasant and temperatures range from 30°C to 12°C. Additionally, the Dubai Shopping Festival, which is elegant and offers a wide variety of goods from international brands, is held in December. It will be good for you if you avoid going in February month due to torrential downpours. 

What To Pack?

Don't forget to bring big bottles of sunscreen for your luggage, no matter what else you neglect. We recommend you take sunscreen with the highest SPF formula you can find because Dubai's weather is harsh. Keep deodorants, face and body wipes, caps, sunglasses, water bottles, insect repellent, and other items on you.

Important documents

Well, this is the most crucial aspect. Verify your documents several times, make copies of them, and carry the copies with you at all times. Keep the originals locked away at your hotel. The need for a visa is subject to change, so be careful to confirm it with your local embassy.

 Research for accommodation

Do not make a costly hotel reservation right away. Given that Dubai has plenty to offer every traveler, read and investigate your lodging options while keeping your budget in mind. But to avoid chaos, make reservations in advance. While summer is the only time of year that flights and hotels are individually inexpensive, visiting Dubai during that time would virtually make you swelter.

 Dress codes and social Etiquette

In Dubai, women travelers should avoid handshakes until men ask to shake hands first. Tourists must use their right hand to receive food, money, or other items. If it is about dressing sense, women need to cover their knees and shoulders in public places like malls. At tourist places and dune-bashing places, shorts and sleeveless clothing are acceptable. If you are going to near beach or pool, you can wear a swimming costume. For women to avoid unsolicited attention, do not wear tight-fitting or revealing clothes. 

Keeping a Memory

It's nearly sinful to visit one of the most famous cities in the world without taking a photo! For all photographers out of you, it may be strenuous to control your excitement, but it's still important to keep a few pointers in mind. Please remember to ask someone's permission before taking their photo. Take care when photographing Muslim ladies. Avert snapping photos of administrative buildings, piers, airports, factories, etc.

Pharmaceuticals and Drugs

Dubai has a zero-tolerance stance regarding drug misuse, and the use of drugs is severely forbidden. So, do not forget your prescription if you are taking any medications with you. It's safer to bring only what you'll need for the duration of your journey. Keep one thing in mind poppy seeds are an opium source, and they are illegal in the United Arab Emirates.

LGBT law in Dubai

Any sexual relationship other than a heterosexual marriage can result in punishment or deportation for a non-citizen since Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates adhere to a stringent Sharia Law. Therefore, it is advised that you stay inside the country as long as possible.

Eating in Public is Offensive

Eating in public is frowned upon, particularly in Dubai's transit system. It is considered polite not to consume food or drink in public during the holy month of Ramadan, even water. Visitors and non-Muslims are not strictly forbidden from doing so, though.

Stay away from political gathering

It would be a waste as a visitor to ruin your trip by getting dragged into unnecessary problems. Terrorism has alarmed the countries of the Middle East. Therefore, since political gatherings and protests are more likely to be attacked, it is preferable to stay away from them.

Shoes are not allowed inside homes or mosques

Whenever you attend a mosque, dress modestly. You can choose full-length clothing that fits loosely. Like the traditional Muslim women or men, it is advised to cover your head as well. If you have an abaya or kandora/dishdasha that you purchased in a local market, this is also your chance to show it off. Also while visiting a neighborhood residence, remember to take off your shoes and only use your right hand when exchanging gifts.

Final words

The travel agency that will help you to follow all these tips in Dubai can be the best one. These tips are helpful for people who are visiting first time to Dubai. Holiday Factory can make the Best Dubai Holiday Packages for you. If looking for a company with a good class of services.